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1911US 16 Seiten pages 1915? 20 Seiten pages    
  1921US? 20 Seiten pages 1921US 201 Seiten pages  
1925US 24 Seiten pages 1925F 28 Seiten pages 1926, 16 Seiten pages  
1927/28, 24 Seiten pages 1927/28F, 24 Seiten pages 1927F  
1928, 46 Seiten pages 1928-29, 24 Seiten pages 1929-30, 16 Seiten pages  
1930? 32 Seiten pages 1930F? 32 Seiten pages 1930F? 28 Seiten pages 1927/28US, 20 Seiten pages
1930/31f, 20 Seiten pages 1931 1931/32F, 30 Seiten pages  
1932C 1933F, 32 Seiten pages 1933/34F, 35 Seiten pages  


Explanation of how Meccano Ltd handled their catalogues

Designs were prepared in a large number of designs over the course of the years, and pre-printed often in full colour. Each year, certainly during the 1930s, each dealer was offered their own choice of cover from a range of up to 6 - some of these covers being in use for several years. The cover they chose was then overprinted with the shop's name and address, on the blank panels on the cover. Export catalogues generally used the same range of cover designs, but where
necessary with the titles printed in different languages.The number of permutations and combinations was, therefore, enormous. One company - Halford's, which had a very large number of branches - was important enough to have a special catalogue cover printed for them by Meccano Ltd each year. One large London store - Hamley's - had their own cover too in the late 1930s. No other exceptions are yet known.

Meccano Ltd issued catalogues in the standard covers for use by themselves, printed with the Meccano Ltd Liverpool address (or in some cases the London
branch) rather than a shop's.

The best way to judge the date is from the printers' code inside. If the date is given as e.g. 1935-36, then that is a catalogue printed in 1935 for the 1935-36 season. If a single year is given, such as 1937, that is usually for the (in this case) 1936-37 season.


1933 1935/36, DIN A5 stehend, 64 Seiten pages 1935-36F, 21 Seiten pages  
1935/36, DIN A5 stehend, 36 Seiten pages 1936-37F, 32 Seiten pages 1937-38F, 32 Seiten pages  
1937 reprint, DIN A5, 73 Seiten pages
1937 original, DIN A5, 73 Seiten pages 1937 original, DIN A5, 73 Seiten pages  
  1937F, DIN A5 stehend, 49Seiten pages    
1937-38, DIN A5 stehend, 73 Seiten pages   1938-39, DIN A5 stehend, 73 Seiten pages     
1937, DIN A5 stehend, 48 Seiten pages 1937, DIN A5 stehend, 48 Seiten pages 1937NL 38 Seiten pages  

1937F 50 Seiten pages 1938/39, DIN A5 obong, 70 Seiten pages 1938/39F, DIN A5 obong, 41 Seiten pages  
1938/39, DIN A5 obong, 72 Seiten pages 1938/39 1938/39  
1939/40, DIN A5 obong 1939/40 1939/40, DIN A5 obong   
1939/40, DIN A5 obong, 74 Seiten pages, letzter Vorkriegs Katalog  1940F?, DIN A5 obong, 18 Seiten pages
  1949, 8.25"x6", 24Seiten pages 1949, 8 Seiten pages  
1951, 8 Seiten pages 1952, 16 Seiten pages 1952, 16 Seiten pages  
1953, 16 Seiten pages   1955 Canada, 28 Seiten pages  
1957, etwa DIN A5 obong, 32 Seiten pages 1957 1958  
1959F 31 Seiten pages
1978 24 Seiten pages 1980  
1990 2001 - 2002, DIN A5 oblong, 12 Seiten pages 2004 Händlerkatalog, DIN A4, 47Seiten pages