Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von  with special thanks to
Christophe Phulpin, France   1964, 1968/69, 1969 and 1973
During the years 1960 to 1973 the french daughter of Hornby, MECCANO, produced under the name HOrnby - acHO railroad models in H0 scale. in the beginning production was located at Bobigny upon Seine nearby Paris, later at Calais. Respecting their time, the models had been made in a very nice quality and design. It had been a selection of models from french originals, the only exception had been the 1962er Rheingold ram of the Deutsche Bundesbahn, whose forms had been produced by the suisse Ruco company.
1960 1961 1962/63
1962 1963, 12 Seiten pages 1964
1965/66, 32 Seiten pages
1967/68, DIN A4 stehend, 19 Seiten pages
1968/69 23 Seiten 1969 1970, DIN A4 stehend

In dem Jahr 1972 wurde keinen katalog ausgegeben

In 1972 Hornby-acHO did not publish a catalog

1970-71, DIN A4 stehend, 32 Seiten pages   1973, DIN A4 stehend, 8 Seiten pages
letzter Katalog last catalog