FAC system
Rubik's Cube Solver


Inspired by cube solvers made with Lego and Fischer Technik, I started this project in the later part of 2009 and it was (for several reasons) not until the summer of 2015 before I finished this project.

This cube solver is entirely made with FAC system parts. The machineconfiguration is after a design by Wilbert Swinkels whilst the programming part was done by the gifted Maxim Tsoy. An important collaborator regarding the project as a whole was Toto van Inge, member of the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science.

After a long proces, we finally made the machine working, see the following video. We made use of the Kociemba code regarding the solving algoritm.

We are working on a second generation FAC system Cube Solver, containing 4 grippers, color recognition by a Raspberry Pi camera and an entirely newly designed gripper.


FAC system Rubik's Cube Solver as per September 2015, final model


The cube solver's main components

mechanical design colorsensor programshield, converter etc.